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Published November 16, 2012

Served Up
Thanksgiving in Pizza and Cocktail Forms

The Thanksgiving Pizza and The Thanksgiving Cocktail
It’s peculiar.

You know a mammoth feast is coming...

Still, every year, you seek Thanksgiving flavor with a passion that burns with the heat of a thousand suns.

You commissioned a turkey-filled Jell-O. You created stuffing ice cubes. And yesterday, you almost ate potpourri.

There’s a better way, friend...

Hold your applause for The Thanksgiving Pizza and The Thanksgiving Cocktail, two breathtaking scientific achievements in the field of jamming the entire holiday into single consumable items. Naturally, you’re just full of questions... Here are the answers.

Thanksgiving Pizza: L’asso in the East Village. It’s part of their new Pizza Lab series of pizzas no sane person would attempt, which you can check out on UD Perks. This one will be available for “friendsgivings” starting tomorrow.
Thanksgiving Cocktail: Hopeland in Carroll Gardens. You can drink this drink right now.

Table of Contents
TP: Turkey sausage and sweet potato/cranberry hash with carrots, onion, celery, garlic and sage, topped with provolone and awe-inspiringly baked into a deep-dish pizza crust.
TC: Vermont-maple-syrup-roasted sweet potatoes, brown sugar and dried cranberries infused into Everclear. Yes, that Everclear.

TP: Picture a long communal table of pilgrims and Native Americans near a rock. A Plymouth rock. And one Italian guy.
TC: Pretty much a 190-proof cornucopia. A ruff and doublet of autumnal flavor.

If we could’ve shoved a football in there somewhere, we would’ve.
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