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Published March 18, 2011

Pot Shot
International Mussel Pots in the Village

Looks like we’re going to make it after all.

Spring’s here. The weather’s cooperating. And as sundresses descend upon our fair city, you may feel certain ingrained seasonal urges kick in.

First and foremost: getting your hands on some oceany delicacies.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t your first urge, but still, mussels...

Introducing The Mussel Pot, a seafood spot that’s serving internationally intriguing PEI mollusks by the pound, opening next week.

Approach this as if it were the United Nations of bivalves. A breezy, beachy, blond wood enclave with 22 varieties of globally aware mussels (the sweet chili-sauced Malaysian, the codfish and bacon São Paulo) that are each paired with a regional housemade bread for authenticity. And superior sopping.

You’ll want to make waves for this Greenwich Village sandbar during those few precious hours of spring twilight. Forgo the sidewalk seating. Walk briskly past the interior brown leather-bound banquettes. And head straight out the back door, where you’ll find a waiting two-top that’s enveloped in a rock wall garden and adjacent to a cascading waterfall.

It’s here, with the waning sun at your back and a pond of koi fish at your feet, that you’ll separate mussel from shell, making sure at some point along the way to order up a silver pot’s worth of the lobster fondue, pancetta and black truffle Chef’s Best.

It’s about time fondue and mussels collaborated.
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