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Published November 17, 2008

Plead the Smith
Vintage Motorbikes and the Gear to Match

There's a certain appeal these days to working your way down the corporate ladder. Either that or buying a motorcycle and getting the hell out of Dodge.

Here to help you pull off the handsome-but-I'm-ready-to-work-with-my-hands-if-I-have-to look or sell you a vintage motorcycle (or both) is Smith & Butler, opening today in Brooklyn.
S&B seems to have figured out that women love a man in uniform; the airy wood-and-exposed-brick space is stocked with sweaters, coveralls, flannels, bags and jackets from the brands that built America (Filson, Pointer, Pendleton) and a few classic imports (Barbour, Belstaff, Saint James).
It's the perfect place to suit up like Cool Hand Luke or Brando in The Wild One before a long weekend upstate—and they'll even help you get there. To go along with your Steve McQueen-approved Belstaff jacket, S&B is selling a small collection of vintage motorbikes. Right now they've got a classic Triumph, a Stella scooter and an old '70s beater from Suzuki.
There's plenty of other cool-guy knickknacks (Lomography cameras, photo books about vintage Harley fashion, motorcycle trading cards) to keep you busy for a while, and there's even a women's section to keep her distracted while you size up the workwear in the back.
Not that your new uniform won't be distraction enough.
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