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The weekend is worth the wait.
UD - The Original Playboy Mansion Can Now Be Yours


The Playboy Mansion Can Now Be Yours

Well, part of it anyway. An apartment in Hef's original love shack—located in Chicago, near Lake Shore Drive—has gone up for sale. Your home would include a private patio and access to a private garden. We hear Hef always preferred the hedges trimmed.
UD - See Yourself in 20 Years


See Yourself in 20 Years

Good news: we've seen the future, and you look the way you do now, only better. (We know, we know—who thought it was possible?) Anyway, just to make sure, though, you might want to take a gander at this site, which will take a photo of you and age it 20 years. Your move, Clooney.
UD - Introducing the Stainless Steel Drinking Straw


Introducing the Steel Drinking Straw

Even the most paint-peeling cocktail looks a bit dainty when you drink it through a straw. The solution: not using a straw. But this steel number, right out of the mint julep playbook, is a step in the right direction. And it goes well with your copper tiki umbrella.
UD - What Your Facebook Page Is Worth


What Your Facebook Page Is Worth

You can't put a price on friendship. Except, now you can. Copy your page's URL into this site, and it will tell you what it's worth, based on how many friends you have, how many friends they have and how often you update. Maybe you shouldn't have killed your Facebook after all.
UD - A Flexible Tripod


A Flexible Tripod

You have a way with pictures—your portraits hang from gallery walls, and your homemade remake of Basic Instinct has earned literally dozens of fans. But to take your shots to the next level (or at least keep your camera level until that Steadicam arrives), you need something like this tiny, magnetic rubber tripod. Photography always benefits from something tiny, magnetic and rubber.
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