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UD - A Leather Flask

A Leather Flask

Your Super Bowl party of choice should have some booze on hand. (If not, you might want to go to a different party.) But in case you have a particular drink in mind—say, you only watch the Colts while drinking mojitos—then this leather booze bag, which holds and insulates up to 32 ounces of the good stuff, might just save your day.

UD - My City vs. Your City

My City vs. Your City

Reason #451 the Internet was invented: this site, which lets you see what bands are popular on at this very second in hundreds of cities worldwide. (Kings of Leon, surprisingly huge in Berlin.) We're not sure why you'd need this, really, but we were wondering that back before we spent an hour on this thing.


Rock out here

UD - Ties and Socks From Norway

Ties and Socks From Norway

This week, Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter. The upshot: that's how long you have to get some new threads for spring. Here to help: the natty Scandinavians behind Berg & Berg, whose knit ties, colorful socks and playful pocket squares can punch up your closet. (Or, you know, the clothes you're actually wearing.)


Tie one on here

UD - Things That Are Doing It

Things That Are Doing It

Every once in a while, you see something in this big, beautiful, natural world that looks like looks anatomically familiar. This blog is devoted to such things. One peek, and you'll never look at caves the same way again.


Enjoy the sights here

UD -

Using too many minutes on your cell phone might rank between overwatering plants and running out of horseradish on the long list of life's big problems. Still, that doesn't mean this site—which sends you an email when you're about to run out—isn't helpful. They'll also send you a text message, but that might defeat the point.


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