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Do not feed the weekend.


The World’s Best Truffles, Delivered

This week, we’re sending you a box of white truffles fit for the world’s best restaurants—including the French Laundry and Masa—directly from Italy, for 25% off. Your other Perks: classic cocktails by the bottle (all made from extremely rare booze) and 25% off the revolutionary fitness device Pear Mobile.
UD - Cold-Timey Things to Put on Your Body


Cold-Timey Things to Put on Your Body

There’s this store in Chicago. Goes by Haberdash. They’ve got herringbone jackets from Rag & Bone and vintage flannel button-downs from Gitman Bros. You’d probably look pretty dapper in those things. And hey, they just opened an online shop. Call it a happy coincidence. Or fewer trips to Chicago.
UD - Cranberry Hot Sauce Now Exists


Cranberry Hot Sauce Now Exists

Cranberry hot sauce. We just found some of that for you. Kind of makes sense considering you’re about to eat a bunch of Thanksgiving-y food that would possibly be a lot better with cranberry hot sauce all over it. Enjoy that cranberry hot sauce.
Miller’s Cranberry Hot Sauce, give thanks for weird hot sauces here
UD - The World Has a New Lingerie Shop


The World Has a New Lingerie Shop

Congratulations. You’ve reached the lingerie portion of this email. Specifically, the portion where we introduce you to a new online-only lace factory called Fleur du Mal. Lovely stuff. From a cofounder of Kiki de Montparnasse. They’ve got everything from lingerie to... lingerie. Honestly, what do you want from us.
UD - The Great Outdoors Just Got Handsomer


The Great Outdoors Just Got Handsomer

It’s November right now. Nice month. Great foliage. It’s also a great month for stocking up on selvage denim field beds and bone-handled pocketknives. Enter: Scout. They make outdoorsy gear in Seattle. Like Horween leather boots (those’ll ship in February) and single-pole tents. And that other stuff we mentioned.
UD - Play Poker with These


Play Poker with These

Oh. Right. We should also mention that Best Made just designed a deck of playing cards. And this feels kind of awkward to say, but... they’re beautiful. Yup. Beautiful playing cards. They exist now. They’re all unnecessarily/gloriously design-y and everything. It’s the little things.
Best Made Company Playing Cards, get all decked out here
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