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The weekend never loses a perfect game to a blown call.


Brand New Perks

This week, Perks is giving you and your tennis partner a chance at 60 minutes on the court with the legendary John McEnroe, who'll give you tips on everything from strengthening your second serve to the proper way to berate a myopic line judge. Yes, we are being serious.
The Cultural Pick
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The Stones in Exile


The Stones in Exile DVD

On the heels of the Exile on Main Street reissue, this doc takes you deep into the trenches of the raucous recording sessions, quite possibly the pinnacle of rock 'n' roll excess. It also doubles as a how-to guide to recording genre-defining double-albums in a villa in the South of France. (Apparently it helps to have Keith Richards hanging around.)

411: Exile yourself here
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UD - The Godfather Family Album


The Godfather Family Album

We've always imagined that behind the scenes of the Godfather movies, it was a nonstop smorgasbord of top-tier actors hanging out, playing poker and dining on endless cannoli. Turns out, we were sort of right, judging from this book of photos from the set taken by the movies' official photographer. Unsurprisingly, the bit about Godfather III's kind of a letdown.
UD - Old-Timey Slingshot


Old-Timey Slingshot

When someone comes into your office, there are a number of ways you can go about intimidating them. Among those methods, using a slingshot sends a clear and direct message. This one is made from authentic bush branches from the Minnesota suburbs—known to insiders as the pinnacle of slingshot activity in the US.
UD - Introducing the Ramen Chocolate Bar


Introducing the Ramen Chocolate Bar

If you've been thinking your candy could use a bit more noodle soup, then... well, surprisingly, you're not alone. Komforte Chockolates has introduced a bar laced with actual crispy ramen noodles, alongside a cinnamony French toast bar and a summery, limey tortilla chip bar. Up next: chocolate-flavored ramen noodles...
UD - The Suitcase-Backpack Has Arrived


The Suitcase-Backpack Has Arrived

If you think the idea of a hybrid suitcase-backpack is a bit gimmicky, well, you're right. Still, we happen to think this would make a handsome addition to whatever commute/ road trip/leather goods conference you're attending this summer. Basically, it's what backpackers would wear in a Wes Anderson movie.
UD - Floors Made from Whiskey Barrels


Floors Made from Whiskey Barrels

This is probably the closest you'll come to living inside a whiskey barrel: a company in England is taking old scotch barrels and turning them into flooring. Which, frankly, sounds like something someone in England would come up with.
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