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Published April 30, 2013

Shore Thing
A New Retro Crash Pad in Waikiki

So there’s this really neat place in the Pacific Ocean.

Beautiful beaches. Great mai tais. Only 13 letters in their native alphabet. Rhymes with “Nawaii.”

Oh, so you’re familiar with our 50th state.

Good. Now get familiar with this place...

Pack your floral shirts for the Shoreline Hotel, a new ’70s-inspired Hawaiian slumber pad in Waikiki, now open.

This is a bit like where Don and Megan Draper spent the first episode of this season’s Mad Men (or a vintage Hawaii travel ad): luau music in the lobby, big bright art on the walls, rounded furniture at every turn. The folks behind this—maybe you remember their work at the Saguaro in Palm Springs—really want you to embrace the whole ’70s vibe. Go with it.

Your mission here: performing exhaustive research on the merits of ocean-gazing at the beach down the street. And maybe doing some heli-surfing. Or shark diving. Or any other relaxing aquatic activity. And at the end of the day, saunter back to your balcony (there’s one in every room) and breathe in that sweet hibiscus air.

Oh, and make sure you stop by the tequila bar downstairs. They’ve got a “Tequila Hall of Fame,” which you’ll be inducted into only after trying 30 of the varieties on hand.

So maybe start working on your acceptance speech.
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