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Published October 19, 2012

Lookin’ Scarp
A Former Brothel Makes Good. Real Good.

So there’s this little lodge in Crested Butte.

It’s got an indoor saltwater pool. Two-story bar. Roof deck with a copper hot tub. Private chef.

Oh, and it used to be a Victorian-era brothel.

You know, lodge stuff.

And ever since we heard about it, it got us thinking...

You should totally go there.

Prepare to check yourself into the Scarp Ridge Lodge, a gloriously overstated Rocky Mountain abode that comes with your own fleet of 24/7 manservants and... all that other stuff we just mentioned, accepting reservations now.

You’re basically renting an entire mini hotel here. Full staff. Full bar. Dainty toiletries. And it’s all courtesy of this new property group called Eleven. They take things like private beach houses and old farmhouses (and Scarp Ridge Lodges) and transform them into places that make you forget your name (or earn a new one, whichever comes first).

So give them a call. Tell them about how you’ve always wanted to go dogsledding. Or ice climbing. Or cigar smoking in your own personal hamam. They’ll set it all up for you. They’ll also stock the fridge and bar with whatever you want prior to checking in. (Turkey legs. Request some turkey legs.)

And yes, what is now your go-to hideout for mountain-y excess was once an actual brothel back in the day.

So there’s that.
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