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Published April 19, 2013

The Big Sleep
An Entire Shop Full of Cozy Underthings

Pajamas. What a concept.

Think about it. They’re clothes... that you sleep in.

And seeing as that comprises a large portion of your time on earth, you should really take your pajama game seriously.

Especially now that these guys are around:

Meet Sleepy Jones, a brand-new creation dedicated to the art of good-looking pajamas, underwear and other lounge-worthy articles of clothing, online now.

This is pretty much the coziest damn place on the Internet. Just look at it. Everyone’s traipsing around in their PJs and doing stuff like relaxing on a bed or drinking scotch in a recliner. You know, standard do-this-in-your-PJs type of stuff.

It comes from a team of comfort enthusiasts and design masters (including Andy Spade, who you might know from his previous creation, Jack Spade). They’re trying to start a movement here—a movement where you pick up a two-piece pajama suit made of the finest Japanese broadcloth that’s ever graced a two-piece pajama suit. And maybe some Peruvian cotton polka-dotted socks if you’re feeling crazy. And then... read the paper. Or dance around your house all Risky Business–like. Your call.

Oh, and given their co-ed approach to all this coziness, consider acquiring a lacy underthing or two for any fairer-sexed companions who might enjoy wearing some unreasonably soft unmentionables.

You’re thoughtful like that.
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