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Published March 23, 2012

Space Odyssey
A Universal Key for Parking Spaces

Park at My HouseAllow us to set the scene.

You just scored a reservation to the hottest Baroque-themed, farm-to-table, head-to-tail, fork-to-mouth culinary hot spot to hit the scene in... weeks.

For extra edginess, it’s conveniently located in a place where the concept of “parking” is but a quaint abstraction.

And so, you’ll be wanting this...

Praise the asphalt gods for Park at My House, a site where the world—specifically, the parking-based portions of it—is your oyster, online to save your ass right now.

It’s simple supply and demand here. People have parking spaces, driveways and well-manicured dirt roads that are just sitting there unfilled. And you’ve got a car. This site brings you and them together by showing you a bunch of nearby parking spots that have been graciously converted into automotive time-shares by their owners. (You respect a man who takes pride in his dirt road.)

Since it’s still early on, the site’s busy gathering people to volunteer their sweet, sweet parking. Which means if you enter your email address and zip code, they’ll let you know when the service is available there (if it’s not there already).

And because you care so much about the easing of others’ suffering (and about pulling a tidy profit with minimal effort), you can also put your own spot up for rent.

Making you the Bono of parking.
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