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Published December 23, 2013

Insta Gratification
The Sexiest Instagrams of 2013

The Sexiest Instagrams of 2013
This year, somebody bought Instagram for a billion dollars.

And based on this small sampling of nifty camerawork, they got one hell of a bargain.

Gaze upon The Sexiest Instagrams of 2013, a very self-explanatory slideshow of the year’s most eye-pleasing photos (shared by Instagram’s most eye-pleasing users).

Assembling this collection was no easy task. At times, the sheer volume of pouty lips and bare midriffs felt insurmountable. But prevail we did. And along the way, we learned that Emily Ratajkowski looks good in monochrome. And Irina Shayk has a way with marine life. And Rihanna isn’t the least bit shy.

So if you’re still reading this, happy holidays. Think of this as a gift from us to you that’s not contingent on whether you’ve spent the last 12 months being naughty or nice.

But enough out of us... enjoy the show.
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