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Published February 15, 2012

Something in the Air
Buying Your Way into the Mile High Club

Mile High ClubThe Mile High Club. We’re just going to throw it out there that it’s now possible to buy your way in—not that you would—thanks to a Cincinnati-based charter service scheduling flights explicitly for that purpose. Consider the following your preflight safety demonstration...

Yes, this is happening.
One unflappable pilot is offering to take you and a very special guest up into the air for the express purpose of an in-flight, hands-on exercise in the dark art of seduction.

The pilot will be close. Damn close...
The only thing that separates you from him is a thin curtain.

... Because the plane is small. Damn small.
It’s a 300-horsepower Piper Cherokee Six—basically a flying Cadillac. Your cabin: roughly the size of a love seat (and yes, there’s a love seat).

Still, it’s bigger than the bathroom of a commercial jet.
And that’s what counts.

Some might consider this cheating.
No insane contortions required. No risk of a flight attendant exposing your dangerous liaison. No chance of landing on a TSA watch list. But with lesser risk comes a lesser reward.

Hey, it’s got amenities.
Champagne and chocolates are provided.

It’s only available in Cincinnati.
You’re really just flying around in a circle over the Queen City. But who knows... a few extra bills might get you as far as Cleveland.
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