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June 18, 2013
Outlook Sharp
UD Perks, Now Enhanced
UD - UD Perks Enhanced by Outlook.com
UD Perks Enhanced by Outlook.com
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Too much of a good thing.

It doesn’t exist.

You think.

There’s really only one way to be sure, though...

Presenting UD Perks Enhanced by Outlook.com, a continual series of extra exclusive offers (and some pretty great bonuses) that are available now nationally.

So... UD Perks. That’s good stuff. Assuming you’re into one-of-a-kind experiences, early access, exclusive products, limited editions and... the occasional short rib taco. But you already knew that. What you may not have known: Perks are even better when purchased with an Outlook.com email address. Consider it a Perk on a Perk, if you will.

What you’ll want to do is head over to Outlook.com and sign up for a free personal email account. Take a moment to admire the handsome interface. The free cloud storage. The “Sweep” function that automatically organizes your mail like some kind of sentient robot secretary.

Now go forth and purchase a Perk with said account. Hey, look at that, some additional savings. Like an extra 10% off handmade Italian-leather boots from Peter Nappi. Or an extra 10% off products from the California Headphone Company. See, that was easy.

Almost too easy.
UD Perks Enhanced by Outlook.com, available now nationally
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