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Published August 27, 2013

Cottage Industry
A Sunset Harbour Shop for Blazers and Beer

Nude two-pieces and foam fingers: your 15 minutes are up.

Natty blazers and cold beer: you’re in.

Okay, so maybe that’s always in...

At any rate, make yourself at home inside Cottage Miami, a new shop that’s outfitting you with chinos, lightweight knits, canvas travel bags and other Labor Day essentials (like beer), now open in Sunset Harbour.

Think back to the last time you were in a cozy shack in Nantucket. Or, you know, looked at a picture of one. That’s this. Distressed woods, sisal rugs, a wooden canoe hanging from the ceiling. Only this place happens to also sell clothes. Like gray Michael Bastian sweaters, blazers from Band of Outsiders and pullovers from A.P.C. The kind that work with pretty much anything.

So before packing up for your Labor Day jaunt, you’ll come by. Peruse some of the books lying around. Lounge on the white canvas couch. Flip through the hanging pipe racks stocked with all manner of nouveau-preppy dapperness.

Then, when you’re good and ready (and you’ve collected a few pullovers and whatnot), head over to the cash wrap/bar. It’s an old distressed-wood bureau where you can settle your bill and enjoy a bottle of local beer.

Really celebrate those chinos.
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