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Published September 11, 2012

Mon Cheri
Winter Coats. In Miami. Just Because.

Snow in Miami.

It happened once.

It was 1977.

Which means... we’re due.

And also, you should probably have a ribbed down jacket on hand just in case of emergency.

Or, like, a ski trip or something.

Give a warm welcome to Moncler, a new Bal Harbour store devoted entirely to the type of gear you’d wear in Aspen, the Alps or somewhere else farther north of the equator, now open.

It may not be today (okay, it’s definitely not today), but eventually, you’ll need a winter coat. That’s when you’ll come here. And here’s where you’ll find the only brick-and-mortar shop in Miami for these handsome European-made ski shells. The water-repellent, flannel-trim, Jean-Claude Killy–approved kind.

Now, the Bal Harbour outpost is very, well, Bal Harbour. All monochrome, steel and marble. But don’t let that throw you. There’re coats in here. Lots of them. The one in particular you should have your eye on: a wool-hooded nylon number that comes in khaki, goes by the name “Leblond” and would look very much at home on the Sundance circuit in a few months.

Of course, these guys do more than just sharp-looking snow jackets. They’ve also got fur-lined hats, leather-laced snow boots, hand-knit mittens and, because this is Miami, big, puffy, down-filled Speedos.

Okay, no, not really, but that would have been smart.
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