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Published March 15, 2010

Idol Chatter
Kill Your Idol, By the Numbers

Kill Your Idol opened over the weekend, offering a renegade mix of cheap booze, quirky vintage decor and food from The Alibi. Now, we could go on and on about the whimsical watering hole, but we figured on this Monday, you might just want some facts. Here's our report on the opening night of Espanola Way's boldest hangout yet.

Number of velvet ropes blocking the entrance: 0
Number of staff with a head full of dreadlocks: 2
Percentage of dreadlocked staff that also happens to be alluring and female: 50
Flights of zebra-carpeted stairs: 1
Projection screens showing nonstop skateboarding footage: 2
Approximate ratio of models to hipsters: 1:4
Number of aforementioned hipsters sporting fedoras: 5
Number of times we were reminded of New York's Lower East Side while hanging out at the bar: 15
Cost of a Pabst Blue Ribbon draft: $3
Cost of a Pabst Blue Ribbon draft on Monday through Friday from 5 to 9pm: $1
Number of Playboy pinball machines: 1
Number of Bruce Lees: 1
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