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Published December 20, 2011

’Mo Better
A Bar with Gin and Popcorn in SoFi

This weekend promises to be a blur of mistletoe, eggnog and the occasional wayward elf.

But in case you need help with the blurring, here’s a little vodka-spiked punch.

The catalyst: Jeronimo’s Bar, a showstopping new lounge with the potential to be the city’s next great hangout, now open in SoFi.

Like all great nightlife legends, this one starts with a man named Jeronimo. He’s the owner, and his goal is to create a comfortable spot where you’ll spend the night sipping drinks like the Azúcar Morena made with scotch, cream soda and lime or the homemade punch (vodka, elderflower and mint). Also, he’s into the octopus symbol, which explains the subtle cephalopod imagery throughout the place—the tentacle murals, the bathroom signs, the logo.

There’s no pressure for bottle service (although it’s available) and the music’s curated by a DJ from Pirate Stereo (though there’s no live spinning). Which all adds up to a South Beach bar that’s resolutely anti–South Beach. (We mean that in the best possible way.)

So on those nights when you want a well-mixed drink and a bit of a scene (and when don’t you), you’ll guide your date to this intimate room with cushy leather benches, maple tables and a bar anchored by an old-school popcorn machine.

Hot butter, always a date pleaser.
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