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Published April 30, 2012

Masterpiece Theater
A Comfortably Appointed Cineplex in Boca

Coming attractions.

Undisputedly the best part of going to the movies.

A time to settle in, silence your phone and slowly begin a two-hour binge on Junior Mints.

Or, if it’s this Friday, also the ideal moment to flag down a waiter and order a liquid nitrogen cocktail.

Behold: iPic Theaters Boca Raton, the only movie theater in Florida that hands out pillows, blankets and stiff drinks with your ticket, opening Friday.

Basically, this is what happens when a Cineplex, a hotel lobby and your den get together for movie night. Think: potted bonsai trees, crystal chandeliers, broken-in leather recliners and a big old wet bar.

Clearly, things are a bit different here. The concession stand has been replaced with a modern art gallery. The obligatory cup holder: it’s been modified to include a table. Your aisle seat: well, it now comes with a complimentary pillow and blanket.

And once you’ve settled/tucked yourself in, you’ll want to summon over a waiter via the seat-side call button. Have him bring you some short rib sliders, or if the evening’s feature stars one Zachary Efron, short rib sliders and a scotch. He’ll pour that over for you at the bar. It’s the one with fresh mint, basil and thyme growing from its very own garnish garden.

Fortunately, liquid butter doesn’t grow on trees.
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