“A rugged interpretation of tusk-to-tail dining...”

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Published April 11, 2011

High on the Hog
Hunting Boar in the Wilds of Boca

UD - Wild Boar Hunting
You and your butcher go way back.

But lately—maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s just some yearning for the unknown—you’ve been thinking about going outside the relationship. Way outside.

As in, tracking and hunting your own dinner. In the wilds of Boca...

Here’s how: by getting in touch with an outfit called Everglades Adventures, now taking reservations for their Wild Boar Hunting excursions in Clewiston.

Think of it as a rugged interpretation of tusk-to-tail dining. After driving an hour and a half north, you’ll set out in the morning with up to five fellow hunters and a boar whisperer, who will guide you through private ranches and wetlands in Palm Beach’s agricultural heartland.

A full day of hunting lasts four hours in the morning, then four more hours in the afternoon, with a quick sandwich break in between. (You can bring rifles along for the hunt, or a bow—good thing you just restocked on arrows.)

If you succeed (we’re pulling for you), your guide will help you harvest the game, breaking it down into the primal cuts you’d see in a serious butcher shop. You’ll pack up the day’s haul to enjoy back home, which, depending on your catch, could be as much as 150 pounds of meat.

Better bring a cooler. Or 10.
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