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Published October 13, 2010

Flick It
Watching Indie Films in the Gables

UD - Coral Gables Art CinemaYou’re no stranger to the pleasures of Hollywood.

You liked Iron Man 2. You loved Inception. You auditioned for both the John Malkovich role and the horse role in Secretariat.

But sometimes you just want a nice indie film. And an even indie-er bottle of beer...

Introducing the Coral Gables Art Cinema, the first indie movie theater in mainland Miami, opening this Friday with a red-carpet screening and party.

So picture it: it’s next week. You want to get your Sundance on. You’ll step into a Greek revival building on a well-kept block in Coral Gables, where you’ll see display cases with old-timey projectors, and megaphones that seem ripped right out of the hands of Chaplin and Keaton (Buster, not Diane).

You’ll step up to the counter and buy a ticket for Freakonomics, the first movie they’ll be showing (Howl with James Franco is next on the list). If you’re hungry, there’s a café where you can grab roasted-veggie wraps and huge cookies, and in a few weeks, you’ll be able to buy microbrews and wine as well.

The theater itself is a cozy 144-seater, and if you’re interested in Friday’s premiere, tickets are still available—there’ll also be a post-movie reception with an open bar.

Which might be the best way to digest a movie about economics...
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