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Published February 17, 2012

Secret Garden
Take a Peek at Juvia

This weekend, you’re pulling off a heist.

It’s simple. You’ll break into a discreet building on South Beach. Sneak up to the penthouse. And help yourself to all the oysters you can handle.

Actually, correction: you can just go through the front door...

Behold Juvia, a new penthouse oasis for briny mollusks, Peruvian cocktails and choice date-night wooing, opening tomorrow.

Now, it takes some work to find this place. Head to Lenox. Keep an eye out for a wall bathed in majestic purple light. And then you’re there (or you’re at a Prince concert).

Take the elevator, which opens directly to the penthouse lobby. You’ll probably notice the plant wall. That’s because it stretches from the entrance to the dining room. And because it’s 22 feet tall.

This is exactly where you’ll cozy up with a date on the month’s most romantic holiday (Presidents’ Day). Get one of the oak tables and order up something called the Purple Rain—a vodka drink made with purple Peruvian corn (and a sign that maybe you are at a Prince concert after all). The menu: exactly what you’d expect from the Boulud and Nobu alums behind this place (think pork confit, hamachi espuma).

Oh, and if you return when the skies aren’t threatening a monsoon, there’s a good chance they’ll open the retractable roof at the bar.

So basically like Marlins Park.
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