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Published May 29, 2013

Wittmore the Merrier
Swim Trunks, Shades and Pocket Squares

As last weekend proved, you are so, so ready for summer.

It’s just...

Well, nobody needs to know what happened to your swimsuit, your sunglasses and that jar of peanut butter on Monday.

They just need to know how great your summer will look when you replace those things.

So pick up some peanut butter on your way to Concept 8366 1/2 Presents Wittmore, a new pop-up that’ll function as your one-stop summer store, now open.

First things first—yes, the name might seem a little confusing. The idea is that this address will host a rotating series of pop-up shops. Leading off: Wittmore, the real-world incarnation of the handsome webstore. It’ll be around for 45 days or so. You should go.

What you’ll see is a sandy beach towel of a store—think white-beam ceilings, aquatic-ish walls covered in seafoam and turquoise paint samples... and lots of summer essentials. Sunpocket lightweight shades. Olasul swim trunks, inspired by Peruvian surfers. Solid-colored baseball-style hats from Norse Projects. Baxter Finley stuff for your face. Basically, everything you’d want to throw in a bag for a beach trip.

Though theoretically, you might be somewhere that’s not on sand. At which point: vintage pocket squares from General Knot. Polos. Funky socks. Cashmere. All here.

Until you buy them.
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Photo: Alen Lin