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Published September 19, 2012

Party in the Back
A Barbershop in a Clothing Store

The owner of General Quarters, Blair Lucio, has some good stuff.

Shirts—he’s got shirts. Jeans—has jeans, too.

And he’s got truly fantastic hair.

Which is more important than you might think, because he just brought his barber right into the shop...

Introducing Continental Barber at General Quarters, your new spot for a scotch and a haircut at the back of a quality La Brea men’s store, now open.

So yeah, come on in. Try on some Gant. Buy an art book about WWII. Everything here seems familiar so far. But at the back is an old-timey new facade. Some windows and a glass-paneled door labeled “Barber Shop.” One of those little dangling signs spun around to say “Open.”

And inside is a single Belmont chair, a sink, some subway tile and a mirror—and a friendly woman with tattoos and scissors. Her name is Chrissy, and she came over from Baxter Finley. Go ahead, have a scotch while you wait. She’ll be right with you.

One technicality: she doesn’t do hot shaves. You’re just here for a haircut or beard trim, that kind of thing. So technically, she hasn’t gone full-on barber.

Don’t tell the barber police.
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