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Published August 18, 2008

Positive Spin
Online Shopping, Except Offline

UrbanDaddy - Revolve Clothing
Whether it's a private island or that purple blazer you just knew you could pull off—sometimes when shopping online, you can get a little too cavalier with the plastic.

Thankfully, the Revolve Clothing website is opening a real-world store off Melrose on Saturday, offering a new way to ensure that stops happening.

You've long used the website as a one-stop resource to update your closet with the dapper, the edgy and the edgy-but-dapper from a long list of your favorite labels. But now the site will also function as a sort of pre-screening room for the store—you'll be able to go online to flag the items you're interested in, then the store will have them waiting for you the next day to try on. (And if you have second thoughts about that purple blazer, there's no obligation to buy.)

Of course, you can also just pop into the bright white two-level store (hidden behind Taste restaurant) to see what they've got at the moment. The idea is to change stock so frequently that what you see this weekend will be a lot different from what you see the next. To start, you might find Rogues Gallery henleys, Degaine T-shirts and Cassette jeans, but next time you might find...none of those things.

Fingers crossed for that island, though.
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