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Published November 08, 2013

Absolute Powder
A Whiskey-and-Shake Stronghold in Hollywood

A nighttime stroll through the Cahuenga scene can sometimes feel a little ominous.

It’s so hard to find a nice gin drink with cardamom-rosemary syrup from a Providence vet.

You might guess where this is going. And where you’re going. And you’re welcome.

Freshen your drink up at The Powder Room, Cahuenga’s intimate new watering hole for inventive cocktails and—why not—the occasional liquored-up milkshake, soft-opening Thursday in Hollywood.

What you’ve got here is a sexy little ’70s-glam spot, with lots of white and redwood walls, good for a late-evening date. If you’re wandering around St. Felix next door, you can find the Powder Room through a gothic wooden door. Or just enter via the door... on the street. That works, too.

Once inside, it’s time to face critical decisions. Like whether to go for a cocktail with pink-peppercorn-infused tequila, mint and green tea... or to stick to Pappy 20-year.

And assuming your date’s going well, dessert may be in order. They’ve got spiked milkshakes from a No Vacancy vet. Just so you know, one of them costs $500—it comes with a crystal-covered ring.

Which accounts for at least $27, probably.
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