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Published November 21, 2011

Alpha Bet
A Futuristic Gym in Venice

You’ve got to hurry.

You’re carrying critical intelligence that’ll help you keep your edge on the competition.

You step through an unmarked door into a hidden courtyard. You use a thumbprint scanner to access what’s beyond.

And then... you can finally start your workout.

Introducing Alpha Venice, a futuristic little gym that uses your iPad, some video touchscreens and virtual trainers to help get you buff, now soft-open.

Once inside, you’ll see what looks like a design-y garage that somebody turned into a rec room—couches, rolling silver doors and bookshelves made from old crates. But past all that, well, this place is like a gym from 2042.

Start at the apparatus that looks sort of like monkey bars with a bunch of cables hanging off. You can work out the old-fashioned way (with a flesh-and-blood trainer). Or you can plug your iPad into the nearby video screen, and your virtual trainer will put you through your paces.

You could also use it to tackle a Training Club workout—it’s a combination of weights, cardio and medicine balls—and once you log 3,000 minutes, a new workout will be unlocked. (The owner’s in cahoots with Nike, which brings the app technology.)

But they’ve also got a yoga studio and some classes for surfers—think core work for balance, and stretching to open your back and help you carve turns.

There’s still surfing in the future.
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