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Published May 26, 2010

Go Blue
Downtown's New Rooftop Retreat

Historically, you've fought brutal traffic, crowds, cruelty and heartache just to get to a game at Staples. To say nothing of your attempts to get to Nokia to see Justin Bieber.

But now you can just come on down from a covert new rooftop lounge, fully equipped with poolside martinis and massages...

Welcome to the serene splendor of Blue, now open at the Ritz-Carlton in the LA Live complex.

In short, this isn't the place for a wild, forget-your-name blowout. It's a hidden spot 26 floors above it all for your next unapologetically lazy retreat... and if that happens to be followed by a Lakers game, so be it.

Mark off your territory by the pool (cabanas will be installed next month), summon dumplings and Umami Cocktails from WP24 downstairs, and if you're still stressed-out, the nimble masseuses at the just-opened spa will join you poolside for a rubdown anytime you like.

You'll need a room at the hotel to enjoy this—it's only open for Ritz guests—which just means you've got room service and a bed awaiting you after the game.

Sure beats the 110.
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