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Published August 13, 2013

Who Can It V Now
A Bright, Beachy Seafood Spot on the PCH

Sea bass and wine right by the beach.

Sea bass and wine not by the beach.

One word. One word can make all the difference in your decisions...

Put the top down for V’s Restaurant + Bar, your new Malibu home for seafood, flatbreads and meatballs on the PCH, now open.

Disclaimer: there aren’t really beach views here. But it’s just steps away. And anyway, this whole place basically is the beach. Booths the color of sand. Plank-y walls that look like a pier. The occasional dotting of cloud-colored chairs. Sunlight warming your face. Your handsome new beach towel. Wait. No. Beach towel stays in the car.

All of which is to say, it’s pretty casual here. But nice. Good place to come by after a beach date’s gone well, when the wind has picked up and you want to duck inside somewhere for a drink. Like a couple El Aperitivos, with tequila, Aperol, lemon, basil and chilies. Then come the meatballs. And the tagliatelle. And the lamb chops.

And probably have all this at a table by the back windows—they look out onto a little enclosed courtyard with potted vegetables and tarragon.

Yes. You’re playing the tarragon card.
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