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Published April 11, 2012

Pikey Likes It
An English Pub on Sunset Boulevard

A night on Sunset Boulevard can quickly get... historic.

The Doors. Led Zeppelin. That time you drank some chamomile-infused absinthe.

Make that last thing happen at The Pikey, the long-awaited remake of the legendary Ye Coach & Horses spot from Jared Meisler and Sean MacPherson. It’s now soft-open, and here’s how we see your night there playing out:

Act One: Fade in. You step into a lush, skylit dining room. You might be wrong, but you think you see a guy from NYC’s Spotted Pig in the kitchen. (You’re not wrong.) Soon, you’re at a little table covered with potted chicken liver and lamb shanks. Maybe a beer—they’ve got 30.

Act Two: You brought somebody charming. Or you met somebody charming. (Some tables are pretty tightly packed here.) Regardless, you move to the room on the right. It’s darker. Sexier. Union Jack-ier. You settle in for some Pony Boys (that tea-spiked absinthe, with elderflower liqueur and lemon juice), then maybe The Coach and Horses, a shot of bourbon with a PBR in a can.

Act Three: Down the rear corridor, you’ll find a hidden third room, with a notably high density of maharaja portraits. Things are looser back here, more discreet—the perfect place for a Divine Brown (it’s whiskey and Dr Pepper).

Maybe don’t order it with Hugh Grant.
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