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Published January 23, 2012

L Bent
Oysters and Beer from the Covell Guy

Here’s a joke for you.

The Covell guy walks into an oyster bar.

Okay, it’s not a joke. It’s a fact. The Covell guy has a new oyster bar. And he’s also got beer and wine.

Welcome to L&E Oyster Bar, a classy little hideaway from the guy behind the Eastside’s favorite wine bar, opening Wednesday on Silver Lake Boulevard.

What you won’t see here: captain’s wheels, fish heads and turquoise. Too obvious. Instead: a handsome green-and-concrete room of Moroccan tile, chairs with nail heads and a couple of bait shop signs listing the oysters they’ve got that day. One’s for West Coast, one’s East Coast—sort of like a more elegant rap battle.

If you’re flying solo and starving for a fried-oyster sandwich and a cold beer, grab a stool at the bar. It’s a short menu—a few oysters, a few sandwiches and a few reds, whites, bubbles and brews chosen by Covell’s GM. But with key words like “oysters” and “wine,” you’ll probably be going on multiple dates here. (Maybe even with the same person.)

In that case, come early to get a table—there are only about 10 inside, plus a few on the sidewalk, and they don’t take reservations. If they’re full, you might have to pass some time with a glass of wine or something.

The sacrifices you make.
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