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Published September 02, 2012

Trunk Show
Elephant Polo in Thailand

It’s Labor Day. Almost.

Time to talk about leisurely/holiday-weekend-y pursuits. Sort of.

Just you. A lush, green lawn. A picnic blanket. Something cold to drink. And a bunch of 13,000-pound mammals playing polo for your amusement.

Grab a foam finger and get ready for the Elephant Polo VIP Experience, a four-day pass to the King’s Cup, Thai elephant polo’s version of March Madness, taking reservations now for September 12.

Okay, so this is polo (you know polo). Played on elephants (you know elephants). Try to imagine the logistics behind it. Right... that’s sort of impossible. Better yet, just hop a plane for Hua Hin and see for yourself.

The accommodations for these matches: grand. You’ll take in the action from the confines of a VIP tent that’s overflowing with whiskey, royalty and pop-up Thai massage parlors (sort of beats Cracker Jack vendors).

And after the conclusion of each day’s games (they’ll either end in victory, tie or stampede), there’ll be a limo waiting to whisk you back to a reserved beachside hotel suite. Where you’ll unwind on a terrace overlooking a backyard jungle lagoon.

While using the resort’s wi-fi to update your fantasy elephant polo team.
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