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Published September 18, 2013

Northern Exposure
A Damn Good Reason to Go to Richmond

“Old power plants. They never really die. They just become the temporary home for your fall wardrobe. And bourbon.”

That’s something no one has ever said. But maybe someone should have.

Because here comes Northern Grade Richmond, a weekend-long pop-up of only American-made stuff that can be tough to find in DC, starting Saturday in a defunct electrical plant.

So, yeah, Richmond. Not a short drive. But it’s a cool town. Also the home to Need Supply, which knows its well-crafted men’s stuff. They invited 20 or so friends, such as Billy Reid, the Hill-side and Ledbury, along with—naturally—some local barbers and brewers, and put together a giant store that will only exist for two days.

When you arrive, you’ll probably be easily distracted. By such things as bourbon and beer tastings, a local coffee roaster and a mobile pizza oven. It’s okay. Get acclimated.

Because you’ve got a few hours to exchange pleasantries (and perhaps cash) with folks whose stuff doesn’t always make it up to us. Like Need Supply’s own highly curated work shirts, Danish denim and blazers. Or Lynchburg-based Moore & Giles’s leather messenger bags. Or even some hand-shaped Almond surfboards out of Newport Beach.

Because what else is September for, if not surfing.
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