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Published April 23, 2013

Observe and Report
Drinking Cocktails on a Georgetown Roof

The weather is having a tough time deciding what it wants to be lately.

But not you. You know what you want to be: a person drinking on a rooftop.

So take those lofty aspirations straight to Georgetown and head up to The Observatory, a brand-new rooftop on the brand-new Graham Georgetown hotel, officially opening next Friday. The weather ought to have its act together by then.

This is a tall building by Georgetown standards. Look out off one side: there’s the Air Force Memorial. Look out the other side: there’s the Kennedy Center.

So far, so good. And you haven’t even sat down at one of the dozen or so wicker sofas or the high-tops made from wine barrels.

Get there before 9pm for the last rays of daylight and your pick of cocktails like the Smoking Gun (tequila, Cointreau and a smoking sprig of rosemary) or the hotel’s proprietary port-wood-aged whiskey.

Stay later, and things turn to “minibar” service—packages of three small bottles of booze and minibar-inspired snacks like M&M’s and peanuts.

Should things take a turn for the interesting, however, you’ll need to summon one more drink: the Freddie’s NightCap, with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Grand Marnier... and a key to one of the hotel’s 57 rooms.

Yes, they tell you which one.
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