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Published January 02, 2013

The Sporting Life
Appointment-Only Sporting Goods in Chevy Chase

Welcome back.

We know, you’re already looking to the next thing.

And about that next thing: if it happens to involve activities like heli-skiing, deepwater diving or just looking really good while you tee off in sunny Miami, we’ve got some people who can help.

They’re called DJ Bennett, and they’ve got some of the coolest sporting gear you’ve ever seen. They launched online this fall, and their showroom’s now open in Chevy Chase.

First, a word of caution: you can’t just walk in here. Nope, these are appointment-only sporting goods. Before you show up, you’ll get a questionnaire that asks your size, your sports, your favorite colors, even your preferred beer.

And when you sit down on a leather club chair, they’ll hand you that beer. They’ll also wheel out racks of gear, pulled specifically for you.

So if you’re planning on some cold-water surfing, they’ll show you a wetsuit rated for 49 degrees and below.

If you’ve got your eye on a climbing trip in West Virginia, they’ve got a vintage ice axe signed by Sir Edmund Hillary.

Or maybe you’re looking to hit the backcountry in Colorado. You’ll need an instantly inflating airbag in case of a fall. And maybe a 10-foot collapsible avalanche probe.

If you had a dime for everyone you pulled out of an avalanche...
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