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Published December 20, 2013

Here’s the Catch
Your New Spot for Oysters and Seduction

And now, a quick word before you head out of town...


Oh, you’d like us to elaborate. Well, that’ll take a few more words, but okay.

Here’s Catch 15, an alluring new spot for after-work oysters and late-night revelry, now soft-open on K Street.

Best to leave your light-up Santa sweater in the car, because this place exudes a certain grown-up sexiness—velvet drapes and white leather sofas here, an in-wall fireplace there.

So yeah, you could certainly show up for happy hour with a colleague and hash out your legislative strategy over the four types of oysters on the raw bar, along with 15 beers.

But better to come here after work with a companion of a more personal nature. Then take up in one of the curved booths separated by sheer curtains and start summoning stuff like their take on a dirty martini, which subs out the olive juice for oyster liquor. Or five different riffs on baked oysters.

Should things go the distance, a DJ will take over late nights near that fireplace, and you can ask them to roll out bottles of vodka.

No. Santa will never come out of that fireplace.
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