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Published September 10, 2013

Put Up Your Duke’s
Dupont’s New Multipurpose Sandwich Shop

The British. They just keep giving.

The rule of law. Croquet. Pippa.

And now this.

Pull on your “Never Mind the Bollocks” T-shirt and head for Duke’s Grocery, an East London–inspired townhouse of comestibles and cocktails, now open on 17th.

This whitewashed brick/Edison bulb/copper bar kind of place isn’t really a “grocery” where you’re going to stock up for the week, though you can grab some fresh tomatoes or leeks from a table up front (you never know when a leek-related emergency might strike).

And sure, they’ll be tossing up some of those same veggies in salads and simmering them in soups. But that honestly might just feel like a missed opportunity when there are sandwiches on the chalkboard like salt beef, egg salad with bacon on pumpernickel or the Sloppy Jack (ragù of pork, beef and pancetta with slaw and spicy pickles).

Grab them to go for tonight’s big soccer game or, better yet, follow the blue light at the top of the stairs. Claim the two wingback chairs by the bay window, and let a server bring the sandwiches to you, along with Bangers & Hash and an elevated version of the Pimm’s Cup.

No, you don’t have to pay a tariff.
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