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Published November 13, 2012

DGS Delicatessen
Inside Dupont’s New Jewish Deli

Let’s flip things on their head for a minute and talk about what’s wrong with your classic Jewish deli. It’s not the meat. Nor the potatoes. Nor the pickled things. Those are all great.

It’s just that it’s not very... nighttime-y. Oh, and it’s not exactly where you’d go if you were looking for the bottom of a cocktail glass.

The guys behind DGS Delicatessen apparently agreed, because they’ve fixed all that. They open tomorrow in Dupont.

Unlike other Jewish delis you may love, this is a polished-looking place, perfectly befitting of the year 5773. Immediately, you’ll see a long open kitchen that looks like a short-order counter. And soon it will be, when they start quick-serve pastrami and whitefish sandwiches for lunch.

But take a little time and settle in at one of the tables in the dining room, all done up in old wood and steel, and get started on salmon pastrami, matzo ball soup or a daily assortment of pickles.

Or better yet, just knock off for the whole damn day and head to the back bar, replete with whiskey and draft beers like Founders Red’s Rye PA. There, pair your pastrami with cocktails like the Rob Roystein with scotch, vermouth and ginger-lemon shrub, or the Tenth Ward, with bison grass vodka, champagne and celery soda.

We’re assured that bison grass is perfectly kosher.
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