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Published April 18, 2012

Alley Oop
An Alley Filled with Waffles

Back Alley WafflesYou take a deep breath. You ignore that little voice in your head. Because when you venture down an alley, you’ve got a damn good reason.

Illicit poker games. A bootleg grappa operation. After-hours parties thrown by the Secret Service.

Or, in this case, just a waffle or two.

Time to pull your collar up, pull your hat way down low and make your way to Back Alley Waffles, an entirely above-board operation now hawking waffles out of a Blagden Alley studio.

We know how it goes: 10am, and you haven’t quite slept off the combo of gin and pork-stuffed pastry from the night before. You need a specialist. Someone who makes waffles and almost nothing else.

You’ll find him here, at this converted artist’s studio within a Pac-Man-like maze of brick alleys. He might be churning the butter and extracting the buttermilk for your waffle by hand when you arrive (and why not; he’s already made the industrial-looking tables you’re sitting at and the mosaic artwork you’re looking at).

Now, apart from coffee and wi-fi, you can only get one other thing besides this buttery, maple-syrup-adorned treat: a special-recipe smoothie, made with fruits that he juices to order.

And on the horizon for summer: a New Orleans second-line-style band playing out in the alley.

You never eat a waffle without the right soundtrack.
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