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Published January 25, 2012

E Pluribus
A New Date Spot in Georgetown

Date spots.

You’ve got an entire arsenal of them. A roster, even.

But there’s always room for another power hitter. One with wood, stone and a backlit silhouette of a tree carved from sheet metal. Also: tater tots.

Introducing Unum, taking reservations now for an opening next Tuesday.

This is not the kind of place you can imagine calling and requesting a table for six. Nope, this is the tandem bike of restaurants: built for two. Like so:

The first date: Get there early to grab a seat at the small slate-and-hardwood bar. There, familiarize yourselves over cocktails like the Manhattan Love Story (bourbon, sake, ginger liqueur) before testing her appreciation for things like Cod & Chorizo Tater Tots. (Certain things are nonnegotiable.)

The fourth date: You want to make a statement. You want to read some sonnets. You also want to split a nice bottle of pinot noir and dive into some short rib pasta and Indian-spiced lamb shank. You’ll do it all at a corner table in the dining room’s dark alcove.

The double date: Not to worry. You can perch in the front window and watch the world go by while you discover their dozen or so microbrews. And if things get really boring, you can grab a classic novel off one of the bar’s four bookshelves.

Probably not Eat, Pray, Love.
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