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Published August 05, 2014

Goods to Go
A Deep Ellum Shop with a Bit of Everything

Age-old story.

You’re just shopping for a new T-shirt.

But you walk out with three shirts, a pair of pants and a newfound ability to play guitar.

That’s what’ll happen at Get Reel Goods, anyway. Because this store and workshop is peddling American-made finery and teaching you how to do stuff. It just opened in Deep Ellum.

So take a look. It’s like 1950s high school meets artist’s loft. On your right, old stadium seats like something out of Hoosiers. On your left, gym lockers painted... let’s call it seafoam green. And everywhere else: wooden shelves and steel racks filled with clothes and bags of their own design.

Which means you can swing by to procure your new favorite T-shirt. The kind that’s so soft you want to rub your face on it right there in the store. Also: button-downs and pants and rugged canvas duffels. Plus some other handy stuff like Oak Cliff coffee, local honey and soap made from bluebonnets.

And that’s only half the equation. Because that studio in back is where they’re hosting classes to teach you useful life skills like making cider and playing guitar and sketching the form of naked humans.

Assuming you’re not already an expert.
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