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Published November 07, 2012

Upscale Seafood in Preston Center

There’s this old quote. You probably know it.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. But give that same man an upscale neighborhood fish restaurant, and he’s set for a lifetime.”


Also, totally relevant to your weekend.

Meet Spoon Bar & Kitchen, a new venture from John Tesar with all kinds of raw, cooked and somewhere-in-between sea creatures, opening Friday in Preston Center.

Imagine a sleek city bistro, only more seaworthy. Just 68 seats, with textured-plaster walls, antique mirrors and round banquettes. So yeah, it’s cozy. The kind of place where you’d want to take a bona fide fish lover. You know the type... monogrammed bib. Puts caviar on their prawns and covers the whole thing with chowder.

So when that craving kicks in for some expertly prepared ocean-dwellers (and it will), step inside and post up at the raw bar. Have a few oysters and some lobster crudo with hearts of palm, blood orange and mint. Or if you’d prefer, charcoal-grilled crabs (we’re thinking this might be your official dish for fall).

And yes, shellfish-related decisions can be difficult, but chin up—there’s a chef’s tasting menu where he’ll do the dish-picking for you. Just give the word, and like magic, a bunch of specially prepared plates (think sea urchin terrine) will appear before you.

By magic, we mean smoke, mirrors and waiters.
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