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Published September 18, 2012

Hav’ At It
A Café with Strong Coffee and Cuban Sandwiches

Havana Cafe
Okay, two weekdays, that’s enough.

We give you permission to start planning your weekend.

Here’s what we’ve got so far...

You’re relaxing in a coastal café. You’ve got strong coffee in one hand. A marvelously pressed sandwich in the other.

And, surprise, you’re doing it all at a restaurant in East Dallas.

Meet Havana Cafe, the area’s newest (and only) refuge for authentic Cuban food and breezy Latin vibes, opening this Friday in Casa Linda.

To imagine this place, just picture a tiny diner with tile floors, simple metal tables and a little black-and-white coffee bar. Now, paint the walls turquoise, throw in a Cuban flag and polish everything with some art deco styling. Great. Now all you need is a guy in the kitchen who knows a thing or two about ropa vieja.

... Checking inside kitchen... yup, he’s in there.

So this is all good news for your regular roast-meat cravings. Just step inside the small space and grab a red leather-padded chair. Order a Cuban sandwich. The kind with tender pork, Swiss cheese, criollo-style ham and bread imported straight from Miami. Or chicken with yellow rice and sofrito sauce. That should also do the trick.

And to drink: strong, sweet Cuban espresso. Plus whatever you bring. Because there’s no liquor license, but it is BYOB.

And a little rum never hurt anything.
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