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Published September 08, 2010

Kitchen Un-Confidential
Watching Your Dinner in HD

Fact: flat-screens make everything better.

They’ve done wonders for your home gym, your guest bathroom and Cowboys Stadium.

And now, they’re ready to enhance your short ribs...

Say hello to Nosh Euro Bistro, a casual Oak Lawn restaurant with a 40-inch flat-screen showing a live feed of the kitchen, ready for your telestrator pen starting this Monday.

Located in the old Aurora space, think of Nosh as your new neighborhood spot to come in, have a drink, eat a little bit and watch a few steaks get seared in HD.

It all starts at the bar, where you’ll want to keep one eye on your date and the other on the live look-in at the stainless steel cooking area (it’s a little like Iron Chef, minus the fog machines).

Once you’ve verified that nobody’s pulling a Horatio Sanz from Road Trip, you’ll want to take a seat at the small food bar that faces the open kitchen in the back—think of it as switching from TV to courtside seats. (Note: reserve these courtside seats in advance.)

This is where you’ll watch the chef whip up your Coffee Braised Beef Short Rib with Cheddar Grits. And for dessert, you might want to split a Hazelnut Financier: French cake served with espresso chocolate chip ice cream and caramel.

You love finance.
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