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UD - Loafers. You Really Need Some Loafers.

Loafers. You Really Need Some Loafers.

Your armory of shoes could use some reinforcements. You need something slightly more relaxed, a lot more suede and altogether more slip-on-and-off-able. So we’re introducing you to a new Lakeview-based loafer maker whose destiny is to help you go through airport security lines more quickly. And more handsomely.

UD - A Champagne Party with French Pop

A Champagne Party with French Pop

After-work drinks can go one of two ways: 1) Beer at the bar. 2) Exquisite champagnes poured by the glass, armagnac cocktails, truffled whipped potatoes and a DJ playing French house music. FYI: this monthly party at Le Bar is the latter.


UD - Simply a Ridiculous Amount of Beer

Simply a Ridiculous Amount of Beer

There are so many new beers hitting the market, you’re having trouble keeping up. And you probably feel bad about that. To assuage your guilt, you’ll be given a souvenir glass and sent to explore 20,000 square feet filled with 60 breweries, 130 beers and a beer garden. Godspeed.


UD -

Like Critical Mass with More Brit Charm

To commemorate the 407th anniversary of Guy Fawkes’s ill-fated attempt to blow up London’s House of Lords, a meandering, all-day bike ride/pub crawl from Roscoe Village to a bonfire in Bridgeport seems highly appropriate. But only if everyone wears tweed. So it’s finally time for those Sherlock Holmes bike shorts.


Nov 10, 1-11:45pm, starts at Four Moon Tavern, 1847 W Roscoe St, 773-929-6666


UD - A Crazy Beer-and-Beef Party at Hopleaf

A Crazy Beer-and-Beef Party at Hopleaf

Take one whole cow. Add four chefs. Build a fire on Hopleaf’s patio. We’re not exactly sure what to expect, but this all-you-can-eat event is going to be pretty damn delicious. Limitless Three Brothers beer should help mask any sense of gluttony you feel.

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