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Published November 20, 2012

The Solstice
The New Dessert Bar in Lincoln Park

Pumpkin pie.

As desserts go, a classic.

Carrot cake.

As martinis go, a total mystery.

So we present The Solstice, a new dessert bar and the latest addition in your arsenal of handy little date places, now open in Lincoln Park.

We know you generally steer clear of places where yellow marshmallow Peeps are considered acceptable cocktail garnishment. But if there were ever a place making unabashed overtures to be your after-dinner, post-movie, pre-roaring-fire nightcap spot, it’s this.

Consider the intimate scale, those silvery light fixtures, the shimmery mirrored bar and the crushed-velvet chairs. Then just consider all the rowdy college bars on this stretch that are your alternative. So, yes. You’re making the right call.

Your dessert comes in either solid or liquid form. Solid includes chocolate mousses, raspberry emulsions, crispy pralines, truffle cakes and meringues, all imported from a Viennese bakery in Lake Forest. The liquid options include key lime pie martinis with a graham cracker rim and red velvet martinis with a cream-cheese-and-cake-crumb rim. Each was designed by a certified pastry chef... but shaken by a certified bartender.

Now, if for some reason you feel more comfortable making small talk and suggestive eyebrow movements over a classic like a tawny port or an Irish stout, that’s perfectly fine, too.

But you probably already knew that.
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