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Published March 14, 2012

Da Bomb
A Japanese Sake Bar in Old Town

It was supposed to be so simple.

Irish beer. Irish whiskey. Do a jig. Repeat.

St. Patrick’s Day honor was once again in your grasp. Then... someone challenged you to drink 21 sake bombs.

Introducing Tokyo 21, a friendly little Japanese noodle-and-sake pub, opening tonight in Old Town.

It’s located in the original Kamehachi space on Wells—and in fact, has the same owners—but if you want sushi, go to their new place across the street. This is strictly a place to satisfy your cravings for a cozy corner tavern with a big bar, a couple of TVs, good beer and steaming bowls of ramen, chicken yakitori and a soy-braised-beef taco or two.

Pretty straightforward. Until you realize they have this: the passport. The bartender keeps a passport with your name behind the bar. Order one of the bombs, your passport gets stamped.

Do a Cherry Bomb (cherry cider/black cherry vodka/warm sake). Get a stamp. Do a Silk Panties (bubbly and sake)—another stamp, plus all those jokes about your efficiency with silk panties. Do a $100 Un-Named Bomb—yes, relax, it has gold flakes in it—and you’re one-seventh of the way home.

Do all 21 in 30 days, get your picture on the wall, a T-shirt, a gift card, fame, glory...

Well, mostly glory.
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