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Published June 20, 2011

Midnight at Paris
Paris Club’s Sexy New Rooftop

The artist, the model and the sunny Parisian loft.

As far as time-tested ménages à trois go, you can’t beat it. Though you deserve some sort of medal for continuing to try.

To that end, please take your first look at Studio Paris, the stunning new upstairs roof/lounge/photo gallery soft-opening Wednesday above Paris Club.

Find the stairs behind the first-floor DJ booth, and climb them to enter what amounts to your average artists’ garret: studio lights, a retractable glass roof, potted palms, walls made of grass, roving in-house paparazzi, a DJ and buckets of champagne everywhere—everything you require to get into your creative head space.

On gorgeous summer afternoons, the roof will be flung wide open, so if you have any coworkers who look particularly good with a gentle breeze blowing through their hair, by all means invite them for an afternoon cocktail. Discuss the merits of the rotating roster of photographs over a few beef short rib sliders and cocktails, and if you’re interested in acquiring any artwork, it’ll soon be for sale.

It’s after dinner, however, when you’ll come up here for the full effect. Before heading to your private booth, stop at the step-and-repeat for a photo of your crew, soon to be plastered along the walls of the club.

Hey, it beats the tabloids.
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