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There Goes the Neighborhood
New England’s Finest Shops. Found ’Em.

In the past, road-tripping and becoming a generally more attractive human being were considered mutually exclusive activities. But thanks to these five outstanding specimens of haberdashery scattered about that slice of earth called New England, it doesn’t have to be that way. No, really. It doesn’t.

UD - David Chase


David Chase

What: A shop inside a brownstone on Nantucket’s Main Street filled with everything a Kennedy heir could desire—blazers, fall-ready cashmere sweaters and coats from Euro brands like Luciano Barbera. Those kinds of desires.
Why: You never know when said Kennedy heir will be throwing a clambake.
David Chase, 56 Main St, Nantucket, MA, 508-901-5739
UD - Portland Dry Goods Co.


Portland Dry Goods Co.

What: A brick-heavy haberdashery in Portland’s old town where you’ll be plied with Barbour jackets, Shinola watches, Red Wing boots and other things that are more good than bad.
Why: Your fall beard will need reinforcements.
Portland Dry Goods Co., 237 Commercial St, Portland, ME, 207-699-5575
UD - Michael Kehoe


Michael Kehoe

What: Ready-to-wear greatness like Adriano Goldschmied denim and L.B.M. 1911 blazers, plus the option to commission custom suits and shirts. So... they’ll have your size.
Why: Perhaps you need to pad out your itinerary beyond the Ben and Jerry’s factory.
Michael Kehoe, 117 Church St, Burlington, VT, 802-863-3550
UD - Huxter



What: A whitewashed, nautically themed room stocked with gratuitous amounts of their American-made sweatshirts, five-panel gingham hats, ocean-scented candles and oxford shirts with contrasting elbow patches.
Why: Life’s too short for non-contrasting elbow patches.
Huxter, 147 Bay St, Watch Hill, RI, 401-315-2223
UD - Mitchells



What: The kind of place where the shoes are Ferragamo, the cashmere is Cucinelli, the staff are there for life and the espresso is free. Which is going to be the only free thing.
Why: You need to look your best for high-society casino heists. And, like, the office.
Mitchells, 670 Post Road E, Westport, CT, 203-227-5165
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