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How to Look Good at the Holiday Party

You’ve waited many months. You’ve assembled your invites (and your dates). And now, you’re ready to attend the finest holiday parties of the season. And your company’s holiday party. Here’s what to wear.

UD - A Knitted Snowflake Sweater. Fitting.

A Knitted Snowflake Sweater. Fitting.

There are two ways to host a good holiday party at a woodland Berkshires retreat: doing so in something knitted, or not. Ensuring the former takes place is this snowflake-pattern button-up sweater from Scott James. The fact that it perfectly matches your wool boxers is purely coincidental.

UD - A Combat-Ready Bow Tie

A Combat-Ready Bow Tie

Maintaining a long-distance fling with that sexy Air Force lieutenant: no small feat. Neither is finding the appropriate bow tie for an armed forces gala. Until you swagger-walk your way in with this hand-sewn-in-New-England camo number perfectly knotted around your neck. Try not to outshine the generals.

UD - Washed Canvas Handsomeness from Gant

Washed Canvas Handsomeness from Gant

All-white-attire parties spring to life from all angles this month. A mere white coat won’t do. What will: this dual-pocket washed canvas beauty from Gant, which will ensure you not only have the ideal chest-armor, but will have at least two pockets in which to lose your keys.

UD - A Scarf with a Flask Pocket

A Scarf with a Flask Pocket

It’s not holiday party season without at least one raging bonfire party, accompanied by some scotch. For that, you’ll sport this warm, water-shedding down scarf with a secret pocket for your essentials. You know, ID, money clip, teeny barrel of whiskey... whatever.

Nau Down Scarf Check, $65, Nau, 328 Newbury St, 617-587-9828

Perk Alert: Speaking of Nau, we’re hooking you up with 30% off their sustainable-resource-constructed jackets, too. And yes, it would appear we can read your thoughts.

UD - If There Were a Time for Fedoras...

If There Were a Time for Fedoras...

Roger Sterling perfectly rocks a fedora. And you always say, “I could do better, in the right situation.” Then comes an invitation stating: “Please wear a fedora to the party.” Put your money where your mouth is with this classic-looking lid with a turndown front, employed best with a wink.

UD - Three Pocket Squares. Match Away.

Three Pocket Squares. Match Away.

A shirt-tie combo and a suit: basic party attire. Add a pocket square, and it’s a whole new game. For several options, Allsaints Spitalfields has a three-pack with diamond, polka-dot and checked prints made from 100% Japanese fabric. Time to use that handkerchief for what it was intended. Yeah, you.

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